7/0.2mm duct burial def-stan type signal cable

7/0.2mm duct-burial image

7/0.2mm duct burial def-stan type signal cable

0.22mm² multicore unscreened, thin version for outdoor or ducted installations and thick version for heavy duty or direct burial applications.

Category: Data, Signal, Structured Wiring

Product Specification

7/0.2mm duct-burial def-stan type signal cable (unscreened) is designed for inter-connecting sensors, control panels, alarm systems etc. They are widely used within the security industry where a more robust cable is  required. 

Because of the mechanical design of these 7/0.2mm PE cables they should not be used for direct connection to mains power supplies.

Signal cables have small conductor sizes and are generally used for wiring between components or within electronic equipment.

Suitable for installation indoors or outdoors in dry or wet areas, thin version (duct grade) recommended for ducted installations and thick version (double insulated) for heavy duty or direct burial applications.


7-2-8A PE: 8 Core Thin (duct grade)
7-2-12A PE: 12 Core Thin (duct grade)
7-2-8A PE/PVC: 8 Core Thick (direct burial)
7-2-12A PE/PVC: 12 Core Thick (direct burial)
* indicates number of conductors
More sizes and screened versions may be available on request


Construction – 7/0.2mm duct-burial
stranded tinned copper conductors
polyvinylchloride (PVC) core insulation
thin version = black polyethylene (PE) outer sheath
thick version = PVC inner sheath and black PE outer sheath


Technical – 7/0.2mm duct-burial
conductor make-up: stranded 7x 0.2mm diameter (0.22mm2 area)
bend radius: 7.5 x overall diameter (static)
voltage rating: 440V RMS up to 1600Hz operating
current rating: 1 amp
conductor resistance: 92 Ohm/km maximum @ 20°C
temperature range: 0°C to +70°C flexible
construction: generally according to Bristish Defence Standard 61-12 Part 4
flame retardant: according to EN 50265-2-1, IEC 60332-1
core identification: coloured to British defence standard, see Colour Codes page


A printable PDF specification is available here: 7/0.2mm duct-burial def-stan type signal cable.


A version with low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) sheathing can be found here: 7/0.2mm LSZH

For standard (PVC) versions return to the Data, Signal, Structured Wiring front page. 


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