ASI-bus 2 core 1.5mm² or 2.5mm² flat

ASI-bus 2 core flat cable is designed for use in Actuator Sensor Interface (ASI) systems and comes with either 1.5mm² or 2.5mm² cores. 

The special  grooved and angled flat shape of these ASI-bus cables ensures installation and connection errors are minimized. When an AS-Interface module is installed on the network, piercing needles penetrate the cable jacket and displace the internal copper conductor strands without cutting them.  

ASI is an industrial networking solution for connecting  field I/O devices (e.g. binary ON/OFF devices such as actuators, sensors, rotary encoders, analog inputs and outputs, push buttons, and valve position sensors) in discrete manufacturing and process applications.

The most common sheath material is TPE but also available is halogen free rubber, PVC and PUR. Versions with UL & CSA approval or a range of approvals for marine applications may also be available.


Construction – ASI-bus 2 core flat
1.5mm² superfine stranded tinned copper conductors
 core insulation material varies
two cores laid up in a parallel formation
specially grooved and angled flat outer sheath (material & colour varies)


Technical – ASI-bus 2 core flat
conductor make-up: class 6 (extra-fine stranded), see Stranding/Resistance page
applications: yellow = data transmission
black = 30V DC power transmision
  red =  230V DC power transmision
core identification: coloured blue & brown


A printable PDF specification is available here: ASI-bus 2 core 1.5-2.5mm flat.


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