B12) multi-pair 24awg ind+overall foil+braid RS422

Alternatives to Belden these multi-pair 24awg ind+overall foil+braid RS422 flexible data cables have individual & collective aluminium tape screens & tinned copper wire braid. This cable type is designed for RS422 and similar applications where high speed data transmissions are required. The three layers of screening, first individual foil tapes then overall foil tape then a tinned copper wire braid ensures excellent protection against electrical interference.

These equivalents to Belden cables are flexible and come in polyvinylchloride (PVC) or low smoke and fume (LSF) as standard. 

LSF material offers reduced smoke emission / fire propagation compared with standard PVC but may still release hydrogen chloride (HCL) if burnt. There is no standard governing the HCL emissions of LSF cable. LSF should not to be confused with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) which guarantees max. 0.5% HCL emissions, for more information please see the in-depth explanation shown on our LSZH Control Flex front page.

These cables are often available in Armoured, Duct Grade or LSZH versions on request, please contact us for more information.


Comparable Belden references
8162 2 Pair 8167 7 Pair 8178 17 Pair
8163 3 Pair 8168 8 Pair 8185 25 Pair
8164 4 Pair 8170 10 Pair
8166 6 Pair 8175 15 Pair


Construction – multi-pair 24awg ind+overall foil+braid RS422
(8162, 8163, 8164, 8166, 8167, 8168, 8170, 8175, 8178, 8185)
stranded tinned copper conductors
foam polyolefin (PO) core insulation
cores twisted into pairs
individual & overall aluminium/polyester foil tape screens
 tinned copper drain wires (one per foil tape)
overall tinned copper wire braid (TCWB) screen
grey PVC or LSF outer sheath


Technical – multi-pair 24awg ind+overall foil+braid RS422
(8162, 8163, 8164, 8166, 8167, 8168, 8170, 8175, 8178, 8185)
conductor make-up: stranded 7x 0.2mm, as AWG chart, see Stranding/Resistance page
voltage rating: 300V operating
capacitance: 41pF/m core/core, 72pF/m core/shield
nominal impedance: 100 Ohms
temperature range: usually +60°C maximum, +80°C may be available on request
UL style: 2493
core identification: coloured to American data 3, see Colour Codes page


A printable PDF specification is available here: B12) multi-pair 24awg ind+overall foil+braid RS422.


For alternative constructions return to the Alternatives to Belden Data Cables front page.

UL references and Belden numbers are provided for cross reference purposes only, please inform us if you require Belden manufacture or UL approved cables.


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