CY-600 black PVC 1kV screened control cable

CY-600 black 1kV control cable has a tinned copper wire braid to ensure a high degree of shielding for interference-free transmission of signals and pulses. 

These tough, flexible and versatile CY-600 cables are designed for flexible measuring and control purposes in tool machinery, conveyor belts and production lines etc. They have a higher voltage rating than standard control cables. 

Suitable for internal or external applications in dry, moist or wet areas. Not recommended for direct burial or underwater installation. 

If protection against electrical interference is not required please see our range of YY control cables, If protection against mechanical damage is required please see our range of SY armoured control cables.


Construction – CY-600 black 1kV screened
stranded plain copper conductors
polyvinylchloride (PVC) core insulation
tinned copper wire braid (TCWB) screen
black oil & UV resistant PVC outer sheath


Technical – CY-600 black 1kV screened
conductor make-up: class 5 (flexible fine stranded), see Stranding/Resistance page
bend radius:  6 x overall diameter (O/D) fixed, 20 x O/D flexing
voltage rating: 600/1000V operating, 4000V test
current rating:  as per YY, CY or SY style cables chart, see Current Ratings page
temperature range: -5° C to +80° C flexible, -40° C to +80° C static
construction: generally to VDE 0262/12.95 and VDE 0281 part 13
flame retardant: according to IEC 60332-1
oil resistant: according to EN 60811-2-11
core identification: OZ = usually 2 core = numbered black cores without earth (green/yellow)
JZ = usually 3+ cores = numbered black cores with earth (inc. in core count)


A printable PDF specification is available here: CY-600 black 1kV screened control cable, number coded cores.


For alternative constructions (colours, braiding, etc.) return to the PVC Control Flex front page.


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