H01N2D black PCP (neoprene) welding cable

H01N2D black PCP neoprene welding cable image

H01N2D black PCP (neoprene) welding cable

Exceptionally sturdy single core HOFR cables for use indoors, outdoors, in damp or oily areas and under adverse conditions.

Category: Rubber or PUR Flex and Welding

Product Specification

H01N2D black PCP (neoprene) welding cable is designed for use under adverse conditions. These exceptionally sturdy single core cables also have a high degree of flexibility. This makes using portable tools easier and also keeps knots from forming in the cable, which could cause the internal conductor to break. Also referred to as HO1N2D, H01N2-D & HO1N2-D.

Most commonly used for transmitting high currents from an electric welding device to a manually or automatically operated line or spot welding machine. These robust H01N2D cables can also be used in transport belts, and production or assembly lines, for example in the automobile, ship building, and tool making industries. 

Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications including wet and oily environments. Can be described as HOFR = heat resistant, oil resistant, flame retardant rubber. 


Construction – H01N2D black PCP (neoprene) welding
stranded plain copper conductors
separating layer made of synthetic film or paper
black polychloroprene rubber (PCP neoprene) outer sheath


Technical – H01N2D black PCP (neoprene) welding
conductor make-up: class 6 (extra-fine stranded), see Stranding/Resistance page
bend radius: 6x overall diameter (O/D) fixed, 12x O/D flexing
voltage rating: 100V operating, 1000V test
current rating: as per rubber sheathed welding chart, see Current Ratings page
temperature range: -25°C to +85°C flexing
construction: generally according to VDE 0298-300
flame retardant: according to EN 60332-1-1,2


A printable specification is available here: H01N2D black PCP (neoprene) welding cable.


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