Modbus or B9841 single pair 24awg cable

Modbus cable image

Modbus or B9841 single pair 24awg cable

For use on Modbus systems which provide master/slave communications between intelligent automation devices.

Category: Fieldbus (bus) Cables

Product Specification

Modbus single pair 24awg grey cable is designed for data transmission. True Modbus cable is based on Belden 9841 but has a thicker jacket to ensure correct termination into the Modbus connectors. B9841 cable (equivalent to Belden 9841) may be used in Modbus systems but due to the small outer diameter it may not fit in certain connectors.

LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) and LSF (low smoke and fume) versions for increased fire safety are generally available on request. 

Developed by Modicon, the Modbus system provides a master/slave communication between intelligent automation devices. 

Note: low smoke zero halogen / halogen free (LSZH, LSOH, LSHF, OHLS) should not be confused with LSF (low smoke and fume), an in-depth explanation is shown on our LSZH Control Flex front page.


Construction – Modbus or B9841 cable
24awg stranded tinned copper conductors
polyethylene (PE) core insulation
overall aluminium/polyester foil screen
overall tinned copper wire braid screen (90%)
grey PVC outer sheath as standard
(increased thickness on true Modbus cables)


Technical – Modbus or B9841 cable
conductor make-up: stranded 7x 0.2mm as AWG chart, see Stranding/Resistance page
voltage rating: 300V operating
impedance: 120 Ohms 
capacitance @ 1hz: 42pF/m core to core, 75.5pF/m core to shield
temperature range: -40°C to +60°C operating  (standard PVC versions)
core identification: coloured blue/white & white/blue (striped)


A printable specification is available here: Modbus or B9841 cable; single pair 24awg grey.


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Belden numbers are provided for cross reference purposes only, please inform us if you require Belden manufacture.


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