Unarmoured LSZH or Fire Resistant EN 50288-7

These unarmoured LSZH sheathed or Fire Resistant and LSZH sheathed EN50288-7 instrumentation cables are usually specially manufactured to order, therefore weights and dimensions can only be estimated at time of quoting. They are available with either an overall foil screen or with both individual and overall foil screens to protect against electrical interference.

Designed for transmission of analogue and digital signals in instrument and control systems at chemistry and petro-chemistry industry plants, power plants, natural gas and petroleum plants, etc. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation in dry or wet environments. They are not suitable for direct burial applications (see armoured versions for this).

LSZH materials provide increased fire safety due to the virtual elimination of toxic fumes if burnt, guaranteed maximum 0.5% HCL emissions. Fire resistant versions contain Mica Glass Tapes (MGT) which enable them to operate for a specific length of time in the presence of a fire. Both options are shown below, please click the links to view our PDF data sheets.

RE-2X(st)H (XLPE/Foil/LSZH)

RE-2X(st)H-Cl (MGT/XLPE/Foil/LSZH) Fire Resistant

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