CC-Link 3 core 20awg bus

CC-Link bus 3 core data transmission cable is designed for CC-Link (Control & Communication Link) circuits. These cables are suitable for data rates up to 10MB/s and the double screening provides protection against electrical interference. 

LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) and LSF (low smoke and fume) versions of CC-Link bus cable for increased fire safety may be available on request. Optional armoured versions (SWA) also have protection against mechanical damage. 

CC-Link is open industrial networking that enables devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate. It is predominantly used in machine, cell or process control applications in manufacturing and production industries, but can also be used in facilities management, process control and building automation.

Note: low smoke zero halogen / halogen free (LSZH, LSOH, LSHF, OHLS) should not be confused with LSF (low smoke and fume), an in-depth explanation is shown on our LSZH Control Flex front page.


Construction – CC-Link bus
20awg stranded plain copper conductors
polyethylene (PE) core insulation
three cores twisted together
overall aluminium/polyester foil screen 
tinned copper drain wire
overall tinned copper wire braid (78%)
red PVC outer sheath as standard


Technical – CC-Link bus
conductor make-up: stranded 7x 0.32mm as AWG chart, see Stranding/Resistance page
voltage rating: 300V operating
impedance: 110 Ohm (±15 Ω)
capacitance: 60pF/m @ 1hz
temperature range: -40°C to +70°C operating (standard PVC versions)
core identification: coloured yellow, white & blue


A printable PDF specification is available here: CC-Link bus cable; 3 core 20awg.


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