SIF flexible single core 180°C silicone cable

SIF flexible single core silicone cables are designed for equipment wiring in high or low temperature applications where traditional PVC materials would become brittle. If the cable burns an insulating layer of silicone dioxide will remain, rendering the cable short circuit proof.

These SIF flexible single core silicone cables are halogen free and suitable for use at constant temperatures up to 180°C. The sheath has low abrasion resistance so ideally should be protected against mechanical damage. 

The silicone compound used is more accurately called polymerizedsiloxane or polysiloxanes. It is resistant to vegetable and animal fats, to many types of oil and many diluted acids. There is no decomposition on exposure to alcohol or alkaline solutions. 

The term halogen free (interchangeable with the term zero halogen) guarantees that if burnt the cable will produce less than 0.5% HCL (hydrogen chloride) emissions. This provides increased safety in the case of a fire. For a more in-depth explanation of halogen free & zero halogen properties please see our LSZH Control Flex front page. 


Construction – SIF flexible single core silicone
fine stranded tinned copper conductors
silicone rubber insulating sheath


Technical – SIF flexible single core silicone
conductor make-up: class 5 (flexible fine stranded), see Stranding/Resistance page
bend radius: 15 x overall diameter (O/D) flexing, 6x O/D fixed
voltage rating: 300V/500V operating
current rating: as per silicone single & multicore chart, see Current Ratings page
temperature range: -50°C to +180°C fixed operating, up to +200°C intermittent
flame retardant: according to VDE 0482-332-2-1, IEC 60332-1
acid gas emission: according to IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2
colours available: up to 25mm² = black, brown, blue, green, grey, green/yellow, 
                           orange, pink, red, violet, white & yellow
  above 25mm² = black sheath only


A printable specification is available here: SIF flexible single core 180°C silicone cable.


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