ASI-bus 2 core 1.5mm² or 2.5mm² flat

Specially shaped power & data cables for use in Actuator Sensor Interface (ASI) applications

CC-Link 3 core 20awg bus

Designed for data transmission use in Control & Communication Link (CC-Link) systems.

Devicenet Drop or Trunk 2 pair bus

Designed for use on Allen Bradley DeviceNet™ Systems these cables incorporate both data and power pairs. 

Foundation fieldbus 1 pair A, B or high-speed

Single pair bi-directional digital cables designed for use in process automation industries, blue or orange sheath as standard.

Interbus 3 pair (optional 3 core)

The 3 pairs are designed for data transmission and the optional 3 cores (if included) for power applications.  

Modbus or B9841 single pair 24awg cable

For use on Modbus systems which provide master/slave communications between intelligent automation devices.

Profibus PA single pair 18awg cable

Commonly used for process automation and instrumentation applications in hazardous and intrinsically safe areas