A2 brass external compression glands

Industrial stuffing glands with a moisture proof seal, suitable for internal or external use with unarmoured cables. 

BW brass internal armoured cable glands

Designed for internal use with SWA or similar armoured cables where there is a need for clamping or terminating armour. 

Multi-mode OM1 fibre optic cable (62.5/125)

A range of loose tube and tight buffered 62.5/125µm fibre optic cables generally used for backbone applications due to their high capacity and reliability, armoured options available.

Multi-mode OM2, OM3 or OM4 fibre optic (50/125)

A range of loose tube and tight buffered 50/125µm fibre optic cables generally used for backbone applications due to the high capacity and reliability, armoured options available.

Single-mode OS1 or OS2 fibre optic cable (9/125)

A range of loose tube and tight buffered 9/125µm fibre optic cables for use where low attenuation rates are required over long distances, armoured options available.

H05RR-F or H05RN-F light-mid duty rubber flex

Multicore flexible cable for light or medium duty applications e.g. connection of appliances where under low mechanical strain. 

CT coaxial (satellite-television coax)

Single core coax cables designed to transmit satellite, CCTV, television and video signals. black PVC = internal or external, white PVC = internal only, PE = duct grade, LSZH = increased fire safety.

CW1308 internal/external telephone

General signal cables used to interconnect equipment in fixed installations. white PVC, LSF or LSZH for internal use only, black PVC for internal or above ground external use. 

TCWB screened rubber (380-P, 380-TQ, 680-TQ)

Multicore flexible cable with copper braid screen for electrical protection, commonly used for power leads. 

H07ZZ-F rubber LSZH single-multicore flex

Multicore flexible low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) rubber cables for increased safety in the case of fire.

PUR-JZ or PUR-OZ grey polyurethane control flex

Tough flexible cable with excellent abrasion, tear and UV resistance. Suitable for harsh external applications.