Multi-mode OM2, OM3 or OM4 fibre optic (50/125)

A range of loose tube and tight buffered 50/125µm fibre optic cables generally used for backbone applications due to the high capacity and reliability, armoured options available.

CC-Link 3 core 20awg bus

Designed for data transmission use in Control & Communication Link (CC-Link) systems.

NYM installation cable, single or multicore

Grey PVC sheathed cables designed for wiring inside buildings.

6701B or 2491B LSZH single core flex

Low smoke halogen free flexible single core cables (harmonised codes H07Z-K or H05Z-K) for increased safety in the case of fire.

Devicenet Drop or Trunk 2 pair bus

Designed for use on Allen Bradley DeviceNet™ Systems these cables incorporate both data and power pairs. 

Foundation fieldbus 1 pair A, B or high-speed

Single pair bi-directional digital cables designed for use in process automation industries, blue or orange sheath as standard.

H07ZZ-F rubber LSZH single-multicore flex

Multicore flexible low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) rubber cables for increased safety in the case of fire.

Interbus 3 pair (optional 3 core)

The 3 pairs are designed for data transmission and the optional 3 cores (if included) for power applications.  

Modbus or B9841 single pair 24awg cable

For use on Modbus systems which provide master/slave communications between intelligent automation devices.

N2XH 1kV LSZH power cable, unarmoured

Single and multicore low smoke zero halogen power cables to VDE 0276 for increased safety in the case of fire.

Profibus DP single pair 24-22awg violet cable

A range of cables designed for process and field communication in cell networks

Profibus PA single pair 18awg cable

Commonly used for process automation and instrumentation applications in hazardous and intrinsically safe areas