H05RR-F or H05RN-F light-mid duty rubber flex

Multicore flexible cable for light or medium duty applications e.g. connection of appliances where under low mechanical strain. 

Flatform PVC CY copper braid screened

Flexible multicore cables with protection against electrical interference, for use in hoisting etc. indoors in dry or wet areas.

NYM installation cable, single or multicore

Grey PVC sheathed cables designed for wiring inside buildings.

NYY unarmoured 1kV power cable, single/m’core

With an especially tough sheath these cables can be used as an alternative to the old Delta Hi-tuf.

RG coaxial (high-frequency coax)

Wide range of coax cables designed to carry high-frequency or broadband signals. Most commonly single core but twin, multicore and composite versions (with power cores) are available in some types.

B4) multicore 24awg overall foil RS232

Flexible data cables with collective aluminum tape (CAT) screening. Belden equivalent 9533, 9534, 9535, 9536, 9537, 9538, 9539, 9540, 9541, 9542, 9543, 9545, 9546.

LIYCY DIN47100 single/m’core screened data cable

Flexible data cables with colour coded cores according to DIN47100, tinned copper wire braid screen and grey PVC outer sheath.

NYCY screened 1kV power cable, single/m’core

The concentric wire screen provides protection against electronic interference, but can also be used as mechanical protection.

TCWB screened rubber (380-P, 380-TQ, 680-TQ)

Multicore flexible cable with copper braid screen for electrical protection, commonly used for power leads. 

PUR EF LIYY multicore high-flex data cable (unscrn)

Tough and highly flexible cable with DIN47100 coloured cores & grey polyurethane sheath, for use in drag chains etc.

SIHF flexible multicore 180°C silicone cable

Halogen free cables for power and control use in high or low temperatures where PVC materials would become brittle.

XLPE/SWA/PVC BS5467 1kV power cable

Multicore power cables with steel wire armour to provide protection against mechanical damage.

H05BQ-F, H07BQ-F orange PUR halogen free flex

Tough polyurethane sheathed halogen free flex suitable for external or internal use, including low temperature and harsh environments.

PUR EF LIYCY m’core screened high-flex data cable

Tough and highly flexible data cable with DIN47100 coloured cores, tinned copper braid screen & grey polyurethane sheath, for use in drag chains etc.

SIHF/P braid armoured multicore 180°C silicone flex

Flexible halogen free cables with protection against mechanical damage for high or low temperature applications. 

SIHF-CU-Si braid screened multicore silicone flex

Flexible halogen free cables with protection against electrical interference for high or low temperature applications.

B10) multicore 24awg overall foil+braid RS232+423

Flexible multicore data cables with collective aluminium tape and tinned copper wire braid screening. Alternatives to Belden 9925, 9927, 9929, 9931, 9932, 9933, 9934, 9935, 9936, 9937, 9938.