H07RN-F heavy duty rubber flex, single/multicore

Flexible rubber cables suitable for use indoors or outdoors including wet or oily environments.

7/0.2mm PE duct-burial def-stan type signal cable

0.22mm² multicore screened or unscreened cable for outdoor, ducted or direct burial applications.

Neo-Flat rubber (NGFLGOEU) flatform

Flexible unscreened multicore cables designed for use in conveyor and hoisting equipment etc. for use outdoors and under adverse conditions.

NYY unarmoured 1kV power cable, single/m’core

With an especially tough sheath these cables can be used as an alternative to the old Delta Hi-tuf.

Neo-flat CY screened rubber flatform

Flexible multicore cables with protection against electrical interference, for use outdoors and under adverse conditions.

NYCY screened 1kV power cable, single/m’core

The concentric wire screen provides protection against electronic interference, but can also be used as mechanical protection.

TCWB screened rubber (380-P, 380-TQ, 680-TQ)

Multicore flexible cable with copper braid screen for electrical protection, commonly used for power leads. 

CW1128 jelly fill duct grade telephone

Tough cable for external or ducted applications including wet areas, not suitable for direct burial.