H05RR-F or H05RN-F light-mid duty rubber flex

Multicore flexible cable for light or medium duty applications e.g. connection of appliances where under low mechanical strain. 

H07RN-F heavy duty rubber flex, single/multicore

Flexible rubber cables suitable for use indoors or outdoors including wet or oily environments.

Extreme H07RN-F 90°C HOFR submersible flex

Single & multicore flexible rubber cables for use in extreme environments including high temperatures & permanent submersion in water.

Neo-Flat rubber (NGFLGOEU) flatform

Flexible unscreened multicore cables designed for use in conveyor and hoisting equipment etc. for use outdoors and under adverse conditions.

Neo-flat CY screened rubber flatform

Flexible multicore cables with protection against electrical interference, for use outdoors and under adverse conditions.

TCWB screened rubber (380-P, 380-TQ, 680-TQ)

Multicore flexible cable with copper braid screen for electrical protection, commonly used for power leads. 

H07ZZ-F rubber LSZH single-multicore flex

Multicore flexible low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) rubber cables for increased safety in the case of fire.

NEOPREN strain support rubber flex

Flexible multicore cables with strain cord to relieve stress for control applications in elevators, machine tools etc.

NSHTOU drum reeling neoprene rubber flex

Multicore cables designed to withstand continual reeling in & out, with sheath incorporating fabric braid.  

0361TQ black or orange EPR/CSP welding cable

Exceptionally sturdy single core HOFR cables for use indoors, outdoors, in damp or oily areas and under adverse conditions.