YY LSZH NR/OZ flexible grey control cable

Multicore low smoke zero halogen control cables (unbraided) for increased safety in the case of fire.

YY NR/OZ grey PVC control cable, numbered

Flexible (unbraided) cables with number coded cores and grey PVC sheath.

YY JB/OB grey PVC control cable, coloured

Flexible (unbraided) cables with colour coded cores to VDE0293 and grey PVC sheath.

EF YY high-flex PVC control cable (unscreened)

Highly flexible control cable with number coded cores & grey PVC sheath, for use in drag chains etc.

PUR EF YY high-flex control cable (unscreened)

Tough and highly flexible cable with numbered cores & grey polyurethane sheath, for use in drag chains etc.