Customised and special manufacture cables

Customised and special manufacture cables can be supplied on request. Just let us know what you need. 

Standard cables can be customised in a variety of ways using many different processes. We can also supply made to order or special manufacture cable to meet your exact design. 

Below are a range of commonly requested products.


Cordsets & Servo Leads
Coiled (curly) cables
Cordsets image Curly cable
Cordsets for servo cable, for cabinets and motors can be specially manufactured. Siemens, Fanuc or Indramat servo leads are available with lengths to suit requirements. PVC, PUR or Rubber versions curly cables are available in a wide range of colours & sizes. The maximum closed length is 2.5 metres but extended lengths vary dependent on the type.
Dying or Striping
striping oversheath
 PVC (polyvinylchloride) cables can be dyed or have a stripe applied (spiral or longitudinal) in a huge range of colours. Generally darker colours over lighter colours are used. Standard cables can be over-sheathed in a variety of materials and colours. For instance PVC or LSZH (low smoke zero halogen). PE (polyethylene) is used for duct grade applications.
Armour application
Special Manufacture Cable
armouring Special Manufacture
Steel wire armour (SWA) can be applied to standard cables. They are then oversheathed in a range of materials. This creates a version suitable for direct burial applications. Cables can often be specially manufactured to meet exact requirements. Made to order can include unique colour codes, fire resistance, screens, armour and printing.


For more available cables view the Products and Specifications page.

For more information or a quotation for any customised, made to order or special manufacture cable please contact us. If what you require is not listed we may still be able to help.


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