CXT brass external braided cable glands

CXT brass braided cable glands are designed for use with SY, CY and other flexible wire braided cables where there is a need for clamping of the wire braid for electrical continuity and/or mechanical retention purposes.

These industrial CXT brass braid termination glands have a moisture proof seal to IP66 rendering them suitable for use in dry, wet or moist environments. 

Supplied complete with earth tag, locknut and shroud, also available with LSF shrouds to complement halogen free cables on request. Generally glands up to 32mm (CXT-32) are supplied in packs of two and larger sizes supplied in packs of one. 


Construction – CXT brass braided cable glands
high quality brass body
two brass slip washers
neoprene seal
IP66 ingress protection rating;
totally protected against dust ingress
protected against strong jets of water, limited ingress permitted e.g. for use on shipdecks
nickle plated brass and stainless steel versions may be available on request


Measurements – CXT brass braided cable glands
Gland Size Thread Size To Suit Cable Diameter (mm)
(reference no.) (mm) min max
CXT-20/16 20 3.1 8.6
CXT-20s 20 6.1 11.6
CXT-20 20 6.5 13.9
CXT-25 25 11.1 19.9
CXT-32 32 17.0 26.2
CXT-40 40 22.0 32.1
CXT-50s 50 29.5 38.1
CXT-50 50 35.6 44.0
CXT-63s 63 42.2 49.9
CXT-63 63 48.3 54.9
CXT-75s 75 54.2 62.0
CXT-75 75 59.8 66.9


A printable specification is available here: CXT brass external braided cable glands.


For more information on the international Ingress Protection classification system see our Understanding IP Ratings chart on the Other Technical Information page.

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