Belden alternative cable selection chart

This table lists part numbers and determines which band to view for more information.

Fibre optic cable selection guide

This guide explains the differences between the different fibre optic cable types and the commonly available construction options. 

Single-mode OS1 or OS2 fibre optic cable (9/125)

A range of loose tube and tight buffered 9/125µm fibre optic cables for use where low attenuation rates are required over long distances, armoured options available.

B1) single pair 22-14awg unscreened

Flexible single pair data cables without electrical screening, Belden equivalent 8205, 8743, 8442, 9740, 8471.

H05RR-F or H05RN-F light-mid duty rubber flex

Multicore flexible cable for light or medium duty applications e.g. connection of appliances where under low mechanical strain. 

Tri-rated, Bi-rated single core HR-PVC flex

Flexible heat resistant cables with three or two approvals suitable for panel wiring, induction loops, etc.

16/0.2mm LSZH def-stan type signal cable

0.5mm² multicore screened or unscreened low smoke zero halogen cables for increased safety in the case of fire.

B2) single pair 22-14awg overall foil screened

Flexible data cables with collective aluminum tape (CAT) screening. Belden equivalent 8451, 8719, 8720, 8760, 8761, 8762.

CC-Link 3 core 20awg bus

Designed for data transmission use in Control & Communication Link (CC-Link) systems.

Thermocouple compensating or extension cable

Thermocouple cables (single and multi-pair) use different metallic alloys in the positive and negative conductors in order to measure temperature.

B3) three core 22-16awg overall foil screened

Flexible three or four data cables with collective aluminum tape (CAT) screening. Alternatives to Belden 8618, 8770, 8771, 8772, 9418.


NYY unarmoured 1kV power cable, single/m’core

With an especially tough sheath these cables can be used as an alternative to the old Delta Hi-tuf.

RG coaxial (high-frequency coax)

Wide range of coax cables designed to carry high-frequency or broadband signals. Most commonly single core but twin, multicore and composite versions (with power cores) are available in some types.

Customised and special manufacture cables

Cables can be specially manufactured to order or standard cables can be customised to suit the customers requirements. 

TCWB screened rubber (380-P, 380-TQ, 680-TQ)

Multicore flexible cable with copper braid screen for electrical protection, commonly used for power leads. 

B5) single or multi-pair 24awg overall foil RS232

Flexible single or multi-pair data cables with collective aluminum tape (CAT) screening to RS232. Alternatives to Belden 9501, 9501, 9503, 9504, 9505, 9506, 9507, 9508, 9509, 9510, 9515, 9519, 9525, 9550. 

CY JZ/OZ clear PVC screened control cable, no’d

Flexible cables with number coded cores, bedded tinned copper wire braid screen for electrical protection and clear PVC sheath.


XLPE/SWA/PVC BS5467 1kV power cable

Multicore power cables with steel wire armour to provide protection against mechanical damage.

B7) multi-pair 20-18awg individual foil screened

Flexible multi-pair data cables with individual aluminum tape (IAT) screening. Alternatives to Belden 9368, 9402, 9773, 9774, 9873, 9874, 9875, 9876, 9877, 9879.


B8) multi-pair 24awg individual foil RS422

Flexible multi-pair data cables with individual aluminium tape (IAT) screening to RS422. Alternatives to Belden 9728, 9729, 9730, 9731, 9732, 9733, 9734, 9735, 9736, 9737, 9738.

B9) one-four pair 24awg overall foil+braid RS485

Flexible single & multi-pair data cables with collective aluminium tape and tinned copper wire braid screening. Alternatives to Belden 9841, 9842, 9843, 9844.

B10) multicore 24awg overall foil+braid RS232+423

Flexible multicore data cables with collective aluminium tape and tinned copper wire braid screening. Alternatives to Belden 9925, 9927, 9929, 9931, 9932, 9933, 9934, 9935, 9936, 9937, 9938. 

B11) multi-pair 24awg overall foil+braid RS232+422

Flexible multipair data cables with collective aluminium tape and tinned copper wire braid screening . Alternatives to Belden 8102. 8103, 8104, 8105, 8106, 8107, 8108, 8110, 8112, 8115, 8118, 8125.

B12) multi-pair 24awg ind+overall foil+braid RS422

Flexible data cables with individual & collective aluminium tape (ICAT) screening plus tinned copper wire braid (TCWB). Alternatives to Belden 8162, 8163, 8164, 8166, 8167, 8168, 8170, 8175, 8178, 8185.